Strategy Breakthrough

The Strategy Breakthrough is an intensive series of interactive sessions that follows a proven process using innovative and practical tools to get the breakthrough moments required to propel the organisation forward.

The Strategy Breakthrough session have been extremely beneficial for those organisations wishing to embark on a thorough strategic planning process for the first time or for those organisations wishing to completely review the current state of their business and any existing strategy, business plans and processes.

The full strategic planning program is offered as a public program or as an in-house program.

For details regarding public run Strategy Breakthrough workshops please click here

As an in-house program the Strategy Breakthrough sessions can be conducted at your workplace or we could organise a suitable central off-site venue which sometimes is more productive as it promotes creativity, innovation and productivity.

The in-house program contact time is made up of on-site and off-site time and is conducted over a fixed period of time allowing for timely preparation, analysis, review and decision-making.

the 7 step process in-house



On-site meeting with the team, strategic diagnostic assessment of the existing strategy (formal or informal) and overview of the program to the team.


Strategic Purpose

On-site meeting for initial development of the organisation’s purpose, future direction and underlying values.

Business Context

A combination of on-site and off-site time to review the internal and external operating environment and agree the status and potential scope of the strategic plan.

Strategy Development

On-site meetings with the team to finalise the strategic purpose, agree, develop, and document a five-year strategic plan and first year action plans.

Performance Monitoring

On-site meeting with the team to develop performance measurements and monitoring processes.


On-site meeting with the team to review change management issues, communication strategies and organisational engagement.

Recognition and Celebration

Formal handover of the work, next steps, recognition of effort and celebration on launching the strategic plan.

Customers benefit from a commitment to regular post launch reviews to keep them on a steady path forward.