Industry Engagement

Industry Engagement

Rightstrategy has been successfully providing a range of ‘business improvement’ related services to industry for over 25 years. In that time, we have directly supported numerous Large Multi-National Companies as well as Small and Medium sized Enterprises both here in Australia and in overseas assignments.

We are a very cost-effective solution for industry.

We have a targeted service offering aimed at helping our customers get the right balance between being effective in the marketplace and being efficient with the delivery of their products and services.

Our team are very experienced, and we ensure that level of experience and quality is maintained throughout the entire tenure of our improvement projects.

The objective of our team is to assist with the creation of sustainable improvement. We do this by having a practical hands-on approach focused on engaging the customer’s team and transferring our knowledge and skills in the simplest way possible.

We believe that we can add a lot of value to Business to Business type organisations with a sales revenue of up to $50M.

  • Business transformation
  • Business strategy
  • Marketing plans
  • Financial management
  • Total cost management
  • Lean deployment
  • Business process and system improvement
  • Industry standards & certifications

Rightstrategy is a registered provider with the Victorian Government ‘Boost Your Business’ Program.

We have been approved to assist eligible participants in the Advanced Manufacturing, and Aerospace, Defence & Security Sectors.

Eligible participants may qualify for 50% funding support for a Market Engagement or Business Capability project up to the value of $50K.

Click here to see the Boost Your Business Guidelines:

The ‘Entrepreneurs’ Programme.

Rightstrategy may also be able to help organisations with funding through the ‘Entrepreneurs’ Programme.

The Entrepreneurs Programme is a Federal Government initiative and includes financial support for services such as, Business Management, Accelerating Commercialisation, Innovation Connections, & Incubator Support.

To find out more about the programme details and eligibility criteria visit: or call 13 28 46.

Enquiries can also be directed to

Strategy – Growth – Improvement

examples of client specific needs have included:

Assessment of existing strategic business plans

Facilitating strategic business planning sessions

Strategic performance progress (lock in a regular review!)

Marketing & Sales Plans

Total cost management (the other side of growth)

Business Improvement Programs

Business Process Reviews

Risk Management

Case Study

New Touch Industries

“The strategic plan and systems that we created led to a successful merger with another business, rebranding, significant growth, and improved operational efficiency”

Brad Drury
Managing Director

Projects are subject to individual pricing,
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